Ali Attas worked for various international broadcasters including BBC in London, Radio Japan in Tokyo as well as multiple publishing houses. He is a part time reporter for two international broadcasters and a feature writer for a Japanese monthly magazine.  He was the Consulting Editor for a big Japanese monthly Magazine which is launching a historic 8 page Africa supplement monthly as of 2013.12.12, Kenya’s 50th Anniversary. He launched a new online magazine called afrikakiboko. The magazine focused on Asia for East and Central African readers and Africa for Asian readers. A first Swahili magazine to have done this.  He was also consultant to Nikkei Media group on their Asia Weekly Review TICAD 6 Special Supplement of Japanese companies’ investment interests in Africa.  Dr. Attas is presently writing an autobiographical book for a Tingatinga artist, and is writing an ambitious Story book which combines African History and Fantasy.

Daulat Abdalla Said is a PhD student in Kiswahili Linguistics at The State University of Zanzibar. She holds a Master of Arts (Kiswahili) by Coursework and Dissertation-The University of  Dar es Salaam. Tanzania.  She si the Co-Author of several publications including Advanced Level book for Kiswahili for Foreigners, Zungumza Kiswahili Hatua ya Tatu, BAKIZA Kiswahili for Foreigners book  Mawasiliano ya Msingi Kiswahili  kwa Wageni, and Kipemba Dialect Dictionary (Kamusi la Lahaja ya Kipemba) . She is proficient in Kiswahili, English and French.   She is currently the Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Kiswahili at the State University of Zanzibar, Zanzibar.

Ken Walibora obtained his PhD in Comparative Cultural Studies at The Ohio State University, in the United States. Until recently he is currently the Kiswahili Quality Manager at Nation Media Group, (NMG), the leading media house in East and Central Africa. His research interests cover African continental and diasporic literatures, with a focus on Anglophone and Swahiliphone fiction. He is a prolific Kiswahili fiction writer and poet with a literary oeuvre exceeding fifty titles and has won several awards. For instance, he won the Jomo Kenyatta Literature Prize twice with his Swahili texts, Ndoto ya Amerika in 2003 and Kisasi Hapana in 2009 and Nasikia Sauti ya Mama in 2015. In the scholarly arena, he has published a number book of chapters and articles in academic journals including PMLA, Research in African Literatures (RAL), and Journal of the Association of African Literature (JALA), East African Literary and Cultural Studies, and Journal of African Language Teachers Association (JALTA).

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